The first shipping batch has been delivered, next is coming

Mar 24, 2023

Dear Backers,

As we mentioned in the previous update, we started shipping in January/February and our first batch has already been successfully delivered. The SKY smart lighting surfaces are now shining on the walls of our backers, and some of them have even shared photos and videos with us. Because SKY is made in white, it looks stunning whether it's switched on or off!

LaMetric SKY on the walls of first backers

LaMetric SKY surfaces on the walls of backers from the first shipping batch

Next shipping batch

We're happy to announce that the manufacturing of the entire SKY quantity is now complete. Currently, we're organizing two bulk shipments to the United States and Europe. Once the goods arrive at our warehouses, we'll start shipping out the remaining packages to our backers. We've noticed that some backers haven't updated their shipping addresses since our last update. If this applies to you, please fill out the form that was sent to you earlier with your current shipping address. Thank you for your cooperation!

Pallets with LaMetric SKY

Pallets with LaMetric SKY products are waiting for bulk shipments

Meet new breathtaking effects

We have launched 17 new visual effects on LaMetric MARKET, just in time, as you all will receive your shipments soon.

LaMetric SKY new effects

As SKY’s controller is quite powerful, the effects are very dynamic, deep and vibrant!

With Love,
LaMetric Team

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