Stay productive throughout the day with "drink water" and "take a break" reminders

Dec 21, 2019

During the day, our body needs to stay hydrated and our brain needs to get enough fresh air to stay focused and ensure productivity. But when we are at work and constantly have multiple tasks, we easily forget to take a walk or even have a glass of water. This can lead to lowering concentration, lack of energy and overall fatigue.

Since I am working as a freelancer, this problem is very familiar to me. My working schedule is quite different every day. I usually receive new unexpected tasks during the day or am invited to unplanned meetings and get disturbed from my main tasks. As a result - I got stressed and often forget to take care of myself and do simple actions that would help me feel energized and active. For example, drink enough water or taking a walk from time to time. As a result - at the end of the day I feel exhaustion because of dehydration or the lack of fresh air. 

Working as a freelancer, sometimes I can spend 24 hours at home. That’s why I realized how important it is to take care of my health and go for a walk from time to time, as well as drink enough water. But I didn’t know how to change my routine and stop forgetting about essential things until I got LaMetric TIME.

Guy forgets to drink water

This smart clock surprised me for good. I bought it just for fun, to track the number of my Youtube subs. But when I saw the possibility to install different kinds of reminders on it with Reminders app, like drink water reminder or take a break reminder, I felt really excited. 

I started to use this app and began to feel better, healthier, more energized. I installed a water drinking reminder and take a break reminder three times per day. After a couple of days, I started to see that I really can stay productive throughout the day because of small change in my working routine. Thanks to LaMetric Reminders app, now I can easily keep myself hydrated throughout the day. 

Guy uses LaMetric TIME for drink water reminders

Staying productive during the day and keeping yourself hydrated is much easier with the right reminders. Reminders app on LaMetric Time can be a perfect solution for your working routine and remind you about the most important things like having a glass of water or taking a walk to help you stay productive at work.

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