Upgrade your desk setup and engage more audience with Subscriber counter

Mar 3, 2020

Making an impressive and professional vlog requires lots of effort and a strong attention to details. But sometimes, even small changes, like a smart clock added to the desk setup, can change the whole look of the vlog.

Hey, I’m Peter and I am a freelance photographer. For the last 5 months I’ve been working on my Youtube channel, where I post educational videos about taking and editing photos. Usually I make videos in my room, which I turned into a mini studio. I have a great desk setup there, which looks impressive on the videos, although I’m constantly improving it.


Recently I started receiving lots of comments from my subscribers with different advices on how to improve my channel and my mini studio even more. I noted a comment from another photographer with advice to upgrade my desk setup with some kind of Youtube follower tracker.  I found on the web the LaMetric TIME - a smart clock that can be used as a subs counter and since I’ve heard about this counter before and even planned to buy it, I finally decided to buy that clock.  

I received my LaMetric, placed it on the desk near my computer and added a Subscriber Counter app to track subscribers of my Youtube channel. When making my next videos, I was always placing LaMetric on a visible place to make sure the number of my subscribers was visible. Before I had LaMetric, I had 780 subscribers on my channel. But this little clock has made a significant impact on the professional look of my videos. Thanks to such a small upgrade with a Youtube sub count I started to receive more subscribers every day, and they were not only enjoying the information in my videos but also the overall look of my desk setup. This clock is awesome! Looking forward to testing its other functions, like website visitors counter or Paypal balance count.



Using a subscriber counter in a vlog can help to make educational videos more engaging. Use LaMetric TIME to display subscriber count and engage new followers at ease.

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