SKY software is up and running, molds launched

Nov 6, 2020

Enjoy the gorgeous light effects

During the recent months, in parallel with the pre-manufacturing phase and preparation for mass production, our software team did a huge improvement in LaMetric SKY mobile application.  We made a bunch of stunning light effects, namely rain, clouds, rainbow, citylights, ripples, sandwaves, snow, ufo, etc. They are already shining on different SKY shapes in our office, and we can’t wait to share this joy with you! It simply looks amazing on a wall! Here are some videos to enjoy.

Apps are ready to use

It's also possible to customize and run the “Alarm Clock”, “Weather” and “Message Board” apps on the Infoscreen and “Alarm Clock” app on the Frame shape.

Molds for plastic parts

On the other hand, we did another bunch of iterations with the SKY prototype in order to make the process of assembling shapes as convenient as possible. After the final confirmation, we started producing the molds for plastic parts with our manufacturing partner and now are about to perform last tests, which allow us to start the mass production of the first batch. 

Remote mass production

Unfortunately, our team couldn’t get a Chinese visa approved due to COVID-19 force-majeure and all the above mentioned improvements were done remotely. Being the hostage of the pandemic situation in the World, we were left with no other option than to gather courage and make a decision to do the whole manufacturing in a remote way.

This way is a lot more difficult and unpredictable than a traditional one and requires more time. Taking this into account, with sadness, we must postpone the delivery of SKY to Spring 2021. However, this time, we give our word to make sure that you’ll light up your place and enjoy SKY products already in the next flowery season.

The titanic effort has already been invested to bring LaMetric SKY to life, and we ask you to understand us and enter our situation. We dedicated an enormous amount of work, passion and time to make SKY the most versatile lighting ever created and to bring you true pleasure from its usage. Now, we just need a couple more months to manufacture and deliver it to your homes.

Today, we need you to believe in us as never before and as always, we rely on your patience and understanding.

With love,
LaMetric Team

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