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Dec 25, 2019

There are thousands of news websites and even more bloggers in the world. And it seems almost impossible to track all the news from your favorite sources. 

I am working as a journalist and my day used to start with great bustle. Right after I woke up, I would start checking my mail to find some new interesting announcements from my colleagues or from new tech startups. Then I would start checking tech websites and blogs. This could last for an hour or two, depending on my mood and my schedule. But even spending an hour browsing the internet was too much for me. I started using RSS news feed, which was way better than searching for news on my own. But frankly speaking, the constant usage of the notebook to read news and stay tuned wasn’t the best option for me. 

Mess on table with too many news sources

I remembered that my smart clock, LaMetric TIME, had lots of possibilities. And among them, there was a possibility to install the RSS feed reader application. So I gave it a try. A couple of days I was using the RSS reader app on LaMetric and honestly, that felt kind of strange. 

All I could see on my LaMetric were the headers of news that were scrolling on a display. That made me feel nervous. But then I realized how practical this is: I could see titles of all the main news and in case I needed to explore some of the topics better, I just visited a website and read the whole article. RSS feed app on LaMetric definitely changed my working routine and saved me lots of time. 

Guy organized his news notifications with RSS feed app

Sometimes we need to change the way we work in order to complete tasks effectively and don’t spend too much time on them. RSS feed reader app is probably the best option for journalists and for people wanting to check the news quickly. It helps to stay tuned and quickly get all the needed information.

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