Monitor programs on your washing machine with Home Connect app

Feb 11, 2020

Controlling home appliances, like washing machines, can be very time-consuming. But there are some smart gadgets, like LaMetric TIME, that can help us with that and save some time. 

Hey, my name is Jane and I’d like to share with you my story about using Lametric TIME. I have three kids, a job and I'm involved in lots of volunteering projects. Therefore, I can’t spend too much time on housework. I have tons of laundry every day and sometimes my washing machine runs several times a day. I always hated to reload the washer, cause you have to wait until it stops and don’t forget to take out the laundry on time before it gets faded. In addition, my washer stands in a basement, so I can’t hear it when it stops working. 

Anyways, I shared my anger with a friend of mine, who is a housewife and she advised me to try a smart gadget called LaMetric TIME to control washer and track time left to program finish on Bosch washing machine. I didn’t want to buy it at first, so I borrowed the clock from her and started using it. 
Woman can't track programs on washing machine

LaMetric TIME has this special app called Home Connect, which allows you to control different household appliances, like washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher, dryer, fridge and others. I connected this app to my Bosch washer and started testing it. At first I didn’t pay attention to LaMetric cause I’ve put it in the living room and I wasn’t used to track time left to program finish. But then I placed it in the kitchen, where I'm spending the most time in the evening and the magic happened. I could see clearly how much time was left before the washing machine stopped, which helped me to save plenty of time and not bustle checking the washer. I liked the clock so much that I’m definitely buying one for myself now.

Woman monitors programs on washing machine with Home Connect app

If you need to do laundry several times a day, it can be exhausting to constantly check the washer. Use LaMetric TIME’s Home Connect app to easily monitor time left before the washer stops. 

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