Enjoy cooking simple dishes with LaMetric TIME Timer app

Mar 3, 2020

In the last decade, smart technologies have changed our lives and made it much easier. Smart devices can help us with lots of everyday activities, like managing our schedule, doing sports, cleaning home and even cooking.  

My name is Marcus and I am studying in culinary school in Adge (France). I’ve always wanted to become a chef in a restaurant, so I’m doing my best to make sure my dream will come true. After I finish my studies, I am planning to go to Nice and start my career in a local restaurant. 
Studying culinary turns out to be not that hard. All my teachers are great and supportive, except Mr. Kentner - he’s way too conservative. His exams are always tricky. He strives for perfection in everything, especially in the simplest dishes. So, in his opinion, I am hopeless and don't know how to cook. Especially when it comes to eggs. I had to pass my exam in culinary school, so I needed to teach myself to boil the eggs of perfect condition.

egg timer

Cooking eggs is one of the easiest things in the world. However, you should have the right boiling egg timer for that. I’ve been using my phone as a timer, as well as my watch. But both options weren’t handy. I didn’t want to buy an egg timer since it’s basically a simple timer that changes color in boiling water. 
I never thought that I will use any smart devices as timers to cook, but I had to learn how to cook eggs anyway. So I decided to try a Timer app on my LaMetric TIME smart clock for that. The best thing about using LaMetric TIME as a timer is its display with big numbers, which is very comfortable to track while cooking.

egg timer

I set up a timer for 5 minutes to cook soft-boiled eggs, 7 minutes to cook medium-boiled eggs and 10 minutes to cook hard-boiled eggs and each time I cooked perfectly boiled eggs at once! 
I’m surprised by how smart technologies can affect our everyday life. Now I’m ready to pass my exam by Mr. Kentner!

Sometimes, even the simplest tasks, like eggs cooking, can be annoying and require lots of time. Use LaMetric TIME to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

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