Keep track of days and never miss a deadline with LaMetric TIME smart clock

Mar 3, 2020

Sometimes, even the most organized people make mistakes and fail to do tasks on time. That’s why it’s important to keep track of days with the help of reliable smart devices.

I’ve been working in the video production industry for the last 4 years as a communication manager. The best part of my job for me is actually communicating with people. I like talking to clients, finding out their needs and requirements and providing them with updates on the work done. 
But there are also some tricky things in my job, like deadlines. I am responsible for delivering projects and updates to clients on some particular days, that’s why I need to keep track of days very carefully. But no one's perfect and neither am I. 
There was a situation recently when I forgot to send an update to a very important client on time and got very stressed. So I realized that a simple calendar on my desk and lots of reminders on a smartphone doesn’t work anymore and started looking for another smart calendar to help me with the track of days.


Buying a standard Day Clock on Amazon felt like a good idea when you’re 60 years old, but it wasn’t a good idea for me. I remembered about a LaMetric TIME - a smart clock, that I’ve seen in some video review. Since it’s a smart clock, I was hoping it will solve my problem of forgetting about the day of the week. So I bought it and added the ”Day of the week” app to show me the days of the week. 

It seemed too good to be true at the beginning/ but it actually worked. I think the main reason why this clock helps me to keep track of time is that it’s quite noticeable. While using the “Day of the week” app you can choose either the full name of the weekday or the number of week and shortened name of the weekday to be shown on your LaMetric. It’s so noticeable, that it’s hard to miss it. I’m happy that I bought this clock because it became my right arm.


There are many smart devices that can remind us about something on the market, but only a few of them can actually perform the role well. LaMetric TIME’s “Day of the week” app is a perfect solution for people who need to keep track of days.

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