Never be late for an important meeting with a Daily Agenda app

Dec 9, 2019

It seems like every day we have more tasks than a day before. And, as a result, we are using our gadgets to remind us about everything more often. However, sometimes we are so busy working that even don't have time to check a smartphone and may be late to an important meeting or totally miss it.

It’s said that people can normally remember only a limited amount of information throughout the day. That’s why for me, as a marketing manager, it is way too much to remember all KPIs, content plan for a particular day, answer emails, have a call with a CMO and attend meetings on time. I am a “doer” and I have to do all the things on time. Because of this, Google calendar is my best friend at work. I used to use the event reminders from Google calendar on my phone all the time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Until recently. 

It was this day when I had 4 regular meetings and 1 meeting with a CMO, planned spontaneously a day earlier. I remembered about it all day long but somehow I managed to forget it. I was having coffee at my table when my phone rang. This was our CEO telling me I’m late for the meeting. Since I left my phone in a jacket, I didn’t see the event reminder on time and I got into an unpleasant situation.

Marketing manager misses meeting without notifications

So, on my next birthday, I got LaMetric TIME smart clock as a present from my teammates. Firstly, it looks very stylish. It has a matte black case and perfectly fits into my office desk. Secondly, it’s quite functional. My teammates told me that I can install the best reminder app on it, which is a Daily agenda app. So I did it. This app is something between a meeting reminder and a daily reminder app. It can notify you about appointments, show how much time is left till the next meeting or let people know you’re on a meeting via a highlighted notification on LaMetric. Since I’m using it on my working desk, it helps me a lot. Looking forward to seeing how it rescues me from another time of being late. 

Marketing manager never miss anything with Daily agenda app

Using reminders about meetings became usual for every office worker. LaMetric TIME smart clock is a great alternative for smartphone notifications and can be effectively used for daily event reminders.

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