Track website visitors at a glance and motivate your team with Analytics tracking app

Mar 3, 2020

Website visitors are among the list of the most important metrics every e-commerce company has to pay attention to. But it may be quite inconvenient to check metrics on the PC and much easier to display it on some external device.

I am a CEO of an e-commerce company. Our team launched a new website a few months ago. Since we are planning to double our sales during the next quarter of 2020, we are actively promoting our website through different marketing channels. It is crucial for us to measure different metrics like website visitors and bounce rate to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. That’s why we are checking these metrics every day. However, tracking website visitors in Google Analytics without any special app is very time consuming.


I wanted to make our website visitors count visible for all members of the team for a better motivation. Smart clock LaMetric TIME with Google Analytics tracker app seemed perfect for such a purpose. I received this smart clock two years ago for my birthday and I wasn’t actively using it before I started my job as a CEO. So now I placed my LaMetric TIME in a lobby, added an Analytics tracking app called “Analytics Visitors” to it and connected to our website.


After a few weeks of using this Google analytics app on LaMetric , I started noticing that my team pays a lot more attention to our website visitors because of the visibility of this metric. Some members of a team even altered the sales strategy and developed adjustments to the website. All in all, the small smart clock helped to take our company to the next level.

Owning an e-commerce business requires lots of daily attention to various metrics. Use Lametric TIME’s Analytics Visitors app to track the website visitors at a glance and motivate your team for better results.

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