Motivate your team and keep them informed

LaMetric Time smart clock placed in a meeting room, displaying attendees a message in Slack
Important messages from Slack at a glance

Never miss an important message on Slack ever again thanks to LaMetric TIME's ability to display messages on its interface while also notifying your team when you send something in your channel.

LaMetric Time smart clock, placed in a shelf, displays people follower count for the Instagram
Up-to-date social media figures for improved marketing

Inspire your team by showing them the results of their digital media efforts at a glance. Display your social media figures on your LaMetric Time for everyone to see.

LaMetric Time smart clock, placed in a shelf, displaying people brand mention in Twitter
Monitor your social media mentions

Your brand is like a baby — you must keep a close eye on it! Instantly see when customers mention your brand on your LaMetric TIME so that you can impress them with quick responses and timely interaction. 

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