Make your desk setup smart and stylish

Stay in trend with the best gadget for your desk

Make your workspace look unique and outstanding with LaMetric TIME! Emphasize the style of your space with a minimalist clock that fits any interior

The Highlight of your Desk Setup

Complement your Desk Setup with a stylish smart clock crafted in a minimalist design and display your social media subscriber count

Give credits to your photos in a natural way

Make the photos of your desk setup recognizable in the social networks with LaMetric TIME! Allow more people to discover your social network profile and grow your follower count by marking your account in style

Machen Sie Ihre Gaming-Schreibtischeinrichtung unverwechselbar!

Machen Sie sich zum PRO mit einer intelligenten Uhr für Gamer und Streamer. Zeigen Sie die Anzahl Ihrer Stream-Zuschauer an und halten Sie Ihr Motivationsniveau hoch!


*With a help of the "Live Viewers for Twitch" app from LaMetric Market.

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