Easy control of cleaning robot by any family member with Lametric TIME

Mar 3, 2020

Controlling smart devices remotely is the best option, when you have multiple appliances. But sometimes a usual remote control via smartphone isn’t enough and it’s preferable to have some alternatives. 

I am a huge fan of smart devices. My family lives in a so-called smart home where lots of devices can be controlled remotely. We have a smart heating system and lots of connected household appliances, like coffee machine, oven, washer and a cleaning robot. And we also have the famous smart clock Lametric TIME, which we’ve connected to our coffee machine and a cleaning robot with the help of Home Connect app.

The best thing about using smart devices is that they are very time-saving, easy to control and can be turned on/off by every member of the family via smartphone. 

Recently my wife went on a business trip and I stayed home with my son for a week. I planned to clean the house before my wife comes back, but I got so busy at work that I totally forgot about it. Luckily, my six-year-old son stayed at home with grandma and I could ask them to turn on the cleaner.

home connect

Robby (my son) doesn’t have a smartphone yet, and he doesn’t know how to turn on the robot. However, he knows exactly how to use LaMetric Time! I could turn on the cleaner remotely from my phone, however, desire to encourage my son to use smart devices at home from a young age prevailed. So I called grandma, asked to give a phone to Robby and explained how to find the Home Connect app on LaMetric. Then, all he needed to do is push only one button to start the robot cleaner. It was super easy, he turned cleaner fast and now our house is clean on time. My wife will love it!

home connect

Controlling smart devices remotely is so easy that even a kid can do that. With the help of LaMetric TIME’s Home Connect app you can easily control a robot cleaner or other smart home devices.

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