Count days till Christmas with LaMetric smart clock

Mar 3, 2020

Smart devices became an integral part of our lives. We use them for almost every reason - to remind something, to measure heart rate, to track weather and even to count days till Christmas. 

I’m working as a marketing manager’s and I must say this job is quite stressful. When you constantly take care of promotional campaigns, deadlines, reports, KPIs, you might want to simply have a rest. During the last year, I didn’t have lots of possibilities to go to the holidays and at the end of the year, I felt exhausted. I planned to go on vacation on Christmas, so starting from 15 November I was almost counting days.

date tracker

Since I bored my coworkers with conversations about my vacations, they decided to buy me a LaMertric TIME smart clock as a present for my birthday, which was in November. I was told that this clock can be used as a days counter and with the “Days ticker” app count days left till some event. So I set up a Date ticker app and started counting days till Christmas, a.k.a. my vacation.

date ticker

This gadget turned out to be awesome, I must say! Not only it can be used as a clock, calendar, ecommerce stats counter and many more, it also fits my office desk perfectly because of its minimal design. And the most important thing about LaMetric is its versatility. That’s why after some time, I’m planning to take it to my apartment and use as a weather station. 

Counting days before vacation is way more pleasant with the right counter. Use the Lametric TIME Date Ticker app to count days to holidays or your special dates.

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