Tech Specs

SKY by numbers


Product type

Wi-Fi LED Indicator Panels



SKY 32



Indoor use only. Designed to use on walls (not for use on ceilings)


Surface shape

Right-angled triangle


Independent color zones

32 per surface



16.4 mln



20 x 20 x 28 cm / 7,87 x 7,87 x 11,02 in


Out of the box effects

4 visual effects: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter



Wi-Fi (supports WEP/WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (EAP-PWD only) protocols), located in one of the cable splitters



Works out of the box
More features with iPhone / Android smartphone


Power consumption

3 Watt per surface



1 year limited warranty as of purchase date. Terms and conditions apply



Designed in Ukraine. Made in China

Inside the box

SKY surfaces
Cable splitters
Quick Start Guide
Legal & Compliance Information
Power adapter
How to install SKY
1. Mount to the wall
Once you decide on a design in the shape catalog, mount it on the wall:
- Clean the surface thoroughly using rubbing alcohol or water and let it dry
- Attach every cable splitter on the wall using double-sided tapes which you can find on the rear side of it.
- When placing cable splitter on the wall, press and hold for 30 seconds

For more secure installation, you can use a screw mount (screws are not included).
2. Connect
- Connect cable splitters with cables like it is shown in the picture above.
- While connecting, run the cables through the holders located on the corners and sides of a cable splitter.
3. Cover up
- Cover up cable splitters with light surfaces
- Plug the SKY in
- You did a great job!
4. Enjoy
- Tap on any light surface once if you want to change the effect
- Tap on any light surface twice to turn on/off the SKY
- Enjoy the light show!
5. Get more
You can also get more features with iPhone or Android smartphone app:

- Use a smartphone as a remote
- Unlock natural phaenomena visual effects, sky faces or informational apps
- Voice control via Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
- One-button control and automatically adjust brightness in combination with LaMetric TIME
Cutting edge technologies
Create unbelievable shapes with the highest possible versatility
We spent lots of sleepless nights to craft the technology which recognizes shapes where surfaces touch each other in ONE POINT only. When you add LaMetric SKY into the mobile app to get more features, and especially synchronized visual effects on the entire shape, the proprietary technology is used where the camera scans color-code on your surfaces and recognizes assembled shape and identifies the location of each surface. After that, you’ll get the full access to visual effects, sky faces, informational apps and more.

Where to place

Make your living room stand out with incredible shapes

Create a special atmosphere in your bedroom

Motivate colleagues with KPIs in your office

Show how many customers like your place with social media counts displayed in your hotel, cafe or restaurant

Choose among hundreds of amazing
shapes in the catalog

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