Increase the number of clients by engaging them with Follower counter

Jan 29, 2020

To engage with customers and stand out from competitors, businesses should constantly invent new ways to surprise their audience. And sometimes using a smart gadget can make a huge impact on the atmosphere of the business.  

I always wanted to have my own business in the fashion industry, so when I became the owner of a clothing store, I felt like my dream came true. My store is multi-brand, with lots of clothes from young designers and some accessories from well-known brands. Our customers are usually young stylish people aged from 23 to 35, that’s why we use Instagram as the main communication channel with our customers. To stand out from competitors, we have to update our inventory all the time and think of original methods of engaging with the audience. 

clothing store doesn't attract customers

There was a day when one influencer visited our store and gave us awesome advice to place a follower counter. I saw such counters in other stores before, but they didn’t seem to pass to our interior. I searched the web and found LaMetric TIME - a smart clock that can be used as a follower counter for different social media. I read some reviews and decided to give it a try. 

I received my LaMetric, connected it to our store’s Instagram account, added an Instagram counter app to display the number of followers and placed LaMetric Time on a counter. Our visitors loved it at once! First of all, they loved the idea of displaying the number of followers at a smart clock. Also, they were excited to like our page on Instagram and see how a number of followers updates at a glance. Some customers even took a picture in our store with LaMetric Time on it and so helped to increase brand awareness in social media. Totally recommend this clock to every store owner! 

Follower counter helps promote your store

Business in a fashion industry requires lots of attention to social followings and customers’ engagement. LaMetric TIME’s Follower counter app will help your business to better engage with the audience and increase brand awareness. 

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