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Feb 10, 2020

During busy workdays, we often forget to check our inbox and therefore can miss some important emails. That’s why smart gadgets that help to track different things, like emails, became an integral part of our office desks.

I am working as a project manager in a software development company. There are 14 people working on my project and that requires lots of daily communication. Since we need to keep the communication consistent, we usually communicate with each other via email. One day, I started to notice that the number of emails I get every day began to grow, and I realized that I even miss some of them. While looking for an app to manage my inbox, I found an Email notifications app for LaMetric. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, cause this was a special app for a smart clock LaMetric TIME, and not for my smartphone. But the clock looked pretty interesting to me - I could use it to track my Gmail notifications for work (with Email Notifications for Gmail app) and my personal ICloud notifications (with Email Notifications for iCloud & Outlook app). One more thing I liked about this clock is that I wouldn’t have to unlock my smartphone to see the notifications about my emails. 

Guy can't tracks subject of emails

I ordered LaMetric and was pleasantly surprised by this clock. I started using it right away and noticed how easier it was to track my emails. I set the Email Notifications for Gmail app for tracking the subject of last email and also to get a notification every time I get a new email. It helped me to stay in the know, don’t miss important emails and save lots of time. 

Guy tracks subject of emails on LaMetricWhen working as a project manager, your inbox is always full of emails. And sometimes it’s easy to miss the most important ones. With LaMetric TIME’s Email notifications apps you will never miss important emails and will always stay in the know.

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