Interact with ease

Line shape, assembled from 6 LaMetric SKY smart light surfaces, expressing the ability of touch control
Touch your SKY

Everyone wanted to touch the sky in childhood. Now you can! Tap twice to turn on/off the lights, tap once to change the light effects.

Inversion shape, assembled from 2 smart light surfaces, complements room interior and iPhone shows ability to change brightness
Remote control

Download the app and discover more possibilities. Change effects, set brightness and choose colors that suit perfectly to your room with the help of your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Voice control of LaMetric SKY smart light surfaces, assembled into the reflection shape, via Google Assistant
Voice control

You can also talk to your SKY using voice assistants. Turn on/off, change brightness, switch visual effect via Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Vendetta shape, assembled from 8 LaMetric SKY smart light surfaces, complements the desk setup and shows sunset light effect
One-button control and auto-brightness

SKY and TIME are designed for the whole house, but especially for desk setups. SKY brings mood, TIME brings motivation - it’s all you need to reach new horizons. When you want to light up your favorite effect, don’t get up, just click a button on TIME. Moreover, together with the smart clock, SKY can automatically adjust brightness due to TIME's ambient light sensor and light up TIME’s notifications - new follower on Facebook, SKY fires in blue, on YouTube - in red.

LaMetric SKY

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