LaMetric TIME – email notifications at a glance

LaMetric Time dislpays 17 unread messages in the Inbox
Inbox at a glance

See how many emails is waiting for you and get yourself motivated to reply to them all! 

Man is loking at LaMetric Time smart clock device which displays subject of newly received email

Never miss an important email if you're away from your phone or a computer. Act on important ones immediately or postpone for later.

LaMetric Time sits on a desk and displays 36 unread messages.
Easy to Use

Just connect the app to your Gmail account and use it to:

  • – know the total count or unread number of emails in any Gmail folder
  • – see the last email subject
  • – get notifications with a subject when new email arrives at a glance.

Check our Google API User Data Policy to know how your Google data is accessed and used. Have questions or want to learn more? Contact us at [email protected].