Create a special holiday mood in the office with Holiday clock faces

Dec 10, 2019

Today, companies are not only competing for a market share but also for talented employees. They offer their employees additional services, free food and beverages or simply create a pleasant atmosphere in the office.

I am an e-commerce consultant and I own a consulting agency. Since there are many e-commerce agencies, I always wanted to stand out from the competitors, especially in the eyes of my employees. I pay a lot of attention to the interior of our office and to the office culture to make sure my team members enjoy working with me. I believe that motivation in the workplace with a friendly and pleasant atmosphere is key to the success of the whole agency.

I am a tech-savvy person and a big fan of different gadgets. That’s why I always get all kinds of gadgets for my birthday. I loaded my office with these devices, but they all looked similar and didn’t bring any live emotions to space. 


Last year I got LaMetric TIME, a famous smart clock, which I was using only to track my ecommerce data, weather and control a Bosch coffee machine. I decided to try more functions of TIME and instead of simple clock faces chose holiday clock faces. So now, on every holiday, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc., my LaMetric TIME displays cute icons of Jack-o-lantern, Santa Claus or Easter Bunny near the actual time and creates an office holiday mood.


I didn’t think my coworkers were paying a lot of attention to that, but then I saw this article - an interview with one of our coworkers. She was telling about her job and how she likes the atmosphere in our office. “We have a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere in our office. Even a clock in our lobby transfers a festive atmosphere on every holiday”, - she said. I was surprised to hear that and got very excited. These words motivated me to buy a couple of other LaMetric clocks for our office and take care of our office even more. 

A pleasant atmosphere in the office is a great way of employees’ motivation. It inspires them to work harder and to feel more involved in the working process. Simple things, like holidays office decor with holiday clockfaces on LaMetric TIME, can help you plunge into the holiday atmosphere at once and have a positive impact on a working process in the whole company.

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