The most versatile smart lighting ever created

What is SKY?
Stained glass inspiration
The inspiration for SKY came from the stained glass, the colored and painted glass of medieval Europe from the 10th to the 16th century. We wanted to create a mosaic window of any shape with a SKY view for everyone’s home. The incredible transfusions of 32 independent triangles will create unique decoration in your living room, bring natural phenomena atmosphere and never leave anyone indifferent.
Modular design
SKY’s modularity is designed with the highest versatility in mind. You can assemble surfaces using different methods including corner to corner approach when surfaces touch each other in one point only. Together with the right-angled triangle shape of surface, it opens unbelievable possibilities for creativity. Decorate your space with artistic shapes, add meaning to your wall with Tangrams, stay in the loop with informative screens.
16.4 million colours
Colours matter, especially when it comes to home interior or office design. It is why we’ve worked hard to enable as many tones as possible. 16,4 mln beautiful colours - that’s what you get with LaMetric SKY.
Works out of the box
It seems you can’t do anything without your phone nowadays. With us, you can. Set up LaMetric SKY even if you have no phone at all as it starts lighting up your space with summer, autumn, winter or spring transfusions of the triangle pieces as soon as you plug it in.
Touch to control
LaMetric SKY means “as simple as possible”. Tap once to change the light effect. Tap twice to turn on/off the surfaces.
More possibilities with the app
Download the app to have even more fun with smart light surfaces. Choose among tons of colours, unlock natural phaenomena effects, show information, use a smartphone as a remote, change brightness, control SKY with your voice and more.
Decorate as never before

Create adorable shapes using corner to corner, side to side, corner to side and a half to half side assembling methods

Add meaning to your wall with Tangram art

Recreate the whole beauty of the World using Tangram people, animals and scenes as one sage thousand years ago

Stay in the know

Get time & weather at a glance. Encourage people to subscribe with follower count

Relax with shades of the SKY

Seasons of the year, clouds or lightning, sunrise or sunset - the choice is yours

Control SKY with ease

Touch, talk, swipe on your phone or push a button on LaMetric TIME

LaMetric SKY

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