At a glance

Enjoy with SKY faces

Imagine a painting on your wall which makes you smile and can be changed whenever you want. Assemble 4 light surfaces into a square and select a pixelated pattern among 25 thousands of faces -  animals, emotions, game characters. You can even create your own. No boundaries for the imagination.

Elegant clock with mood-setting faces

Having 16 light surfaces, you can build a big smart clock in the living room or near your work desk. Make your interior stand out with accurate time and eye-catching SKY faces. Create your own or choose from thousands of unique ones.

Celebrate in style

Plunge into the holiday atmosphere with festive SKY faces that automatically come to life on holidays. Christmas tree, Easter bunny or a pumpkin mean it’s time to celebrate!

Weather forecast at a glance

SKY's temperature, humidity, and incredible weather pictograms will help you choose a perfect outfit.  Never forget an umbrella again!

Calendar in front of your eyes

Save time with an eco-friendly version of a page-a-day calendar. Don’t search for the date anymore when signing papers or wondering if today is your friend’s birthday.

Display custom messages

"Create”, “Party”, “Rest”, “Movie time” or any other custom message will look great on your SKY surfaces. All you need to do is choose one of the 25k sky faces and type the message you want to display.


8х32 screen, capable to show icon and 5 symbols at once, more with scrolling.

Subscriber counter for influencers

Want your viewers to be your subscribers? Encourage them to join your fan base on YouTube or Instagram in a unique way and see your subscriber count grow. 


8х32 screen, capable to show icon and 5 digits at once, bigger figures - abbreviated.

Follower counter for gamers

We know your followers mean the world to you. Cheer up and get inspired to create better content every time you get a new follower or more viewers on Twitch or Mixer.


8х32 screen, capable to show icon and 5 digits at once, bigger figures - abbreviated.

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