Best for TIME

LaMetric Time smart clock that displays Pomodoro Timer, stands near computer
Productivity Apps

Get notified of your meetings, see current date at a glance, work with Pomodoro timer and set reminders. Save time and be more productive

LaMetric Time smart clock displays the name of the song, which is played on the Sonos speaker
Smart Home Apps

Know what’s happening in your home at a glance. Control your smart appliances with a press of a button

A Youtuber creating his new video on the computer and smart clock displaying his subscribers count for the YouTube
Apps for Social Media

Your followers are your motivation.
Put love into your content and enjoy follower count in return

LaMetric Time smart clock, placed on a store counter, shows follower count for your Instagram account
Apps for Storefront

Grow your social following in-store and attract new customers

LaMetric Time smart clock, placed in a meeting room, displays attendees a message in Slack
Apps for Team

Motivate your team and keep them informed. Instantly send quick messages and numbers

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