LaMetric SKY manufacturing goes smoothly

Apr 9, 2021

Dear LaMetric Backers,

We hope you all are in good health and enjoying the rays of the spring sun. On this beautiful day, we would like to share the latest news and improvements on LaMetric SKY.

As you know from the previous update, we started producing the molds for plastic parts with our manufacturing partner and performed the last tests, which allowed us to finally launch the mass production of the first batch!

One surface - dozens of styles

During the recent months, in parallel with the manufacturing process, our product and software teams did another invention and expanded the versatility of the light surfaces even more, adding a bunch of brand-new gorgeous surface styles. The mechanic of such an approach allows overlaying a so-called "mask" of a certain form on top of the light effect, darkening the unneeded color zones and lighting only those, which convey the beauty of the effect. It gives the surfaces a bunch of unique looks like "Fish Scales", “Rhombuses”, “Glare”, “Arrows” and others. This feature unlocks the ability to light up your surfaces in lots of different styles and all of them look totally stunning on LaMetric SKY, so you will definitely find a perfect one for your favorite shape. In other words, you now get dozens of styles with just one surface!

Flags of the World

In addition to all existing light effects, we have created a unique one, for those, who would like to light up their space with the country flag colors. Symbolize the liberty, independence and civil rights of your country in an original way with the most versatile lighting ever created.

Check out the video below and immerse yourself in the world of light patterns.

Obtaining certifications

Together with the manufacturing and software improvement processes, we have also applied for CE and FCC certifications, as they are needed in order to testify that the product is safe to use in the USA and European markets. However, this process is quite time-consuming since we needed to execute a bunch of hardware and software adjustments, namely adapt the electronics, make modifications to the mechanics and configure the software. All these improvements are aimed to help the product meet world standards and regulations.

Remote mass production and components shortage

Because of the worldwide pandemic, the sourcing and procurement of the components take more time in connection with their shortage on the market. As you may have noticed, even a couple of world-famous automotive companies like Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen have suffered from the temporary suspension of the factories work due to the lack of chips in the World.

Also, since our team couldn’t get a Chinese visa approved due to COVID-19 force-majeure the whole manufacturing process is currently going remotely. Unfortunately, all the above challenges prolong the whole manufacturing process, and it takes significantly more time to make the final touches and release a really high-quality product in pandemic conditions.

Hence, the whole manufacturing process goes very smoothly, it just takes more time than in normal conditions. Taking this into account, we are forced to postpone the delivery of SKY to the summer or in the worst case to autumn, depending on the situation with component procurement. However, we can assure that you will receive the most versatile lighting ever created by the end of this year, and we will preliminarily notify you via email about the precise delivery date. We are working very hard to finally release the product and will definitely do our best for you to light up your spaces with SKY’s charming lights as soon as possible.

The colossal amount of time, energy, passion and effort has already been dedicated to LaMetric SKY, and we ask you to enter our situation and loyally take this very last delay caused by the pandemic. Now, we just need your understanding, patience and a little more time to finish the manufacturing process, deliver the product to your homes, and we promise you will enjoy the result!

With love,
LaMetric Team

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