Quilt patterns bring the past into the future

Star patchwork mob
A unique story behind each pattern

Originally the patchwork process meant stitching fabric patches into square forms to make authentic quilts. Immerse into the history of patchwork quilts, which symbolize resourcefulness, creativity, and family heritage. Cover your favorite shape with diverse ornaments and customize their colors to your taste

Flower patchwork mobile
Symbolize the connection between the past and present

Make your interior stand out with dozens of digital patchwork quilt patterns, each of which has its own unique and outstanding design

crown patchwork mobile
Decorate your office or home with sophisticated art accents

It blooms into a patterned, bright display for your space. Regulate the brightness, change the colors, and find your favorite pattern, creating a relaxing or cheerful atmosphere

cat patchwork
High fashion of the patchwork

Earlier, most popular designers adopted colorful and unique patchworks to be fashionable, influenced by the hippie movement. Today the patchwork patterns are still trendy and used by various designers. Add to your place more style and create a dreamy mood with the collection of beautiful patchworks

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