Google API User Data Policy for LaMetric Time Client

Effective Date: 10 April 2024

LaMetric Time (the App) is the downloadable iOS/Android software that runs on a user's phone or tablet, LaMetric smart device, and uses Google Application Program Interface (API) Services. You can find out more about LaMetric Time at

The App is developed by Smart Atoms Limited (LaMetric) – a company incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom. You can find out more about Smart Atoms Limited (LaMetric) at

Smart Atoms Limited has obtained authorized client credentials for LaMetric Time app to access Google API Services. Smart Atoms Limited keeps these credentials confidential.

How We Use Your Data

The App, while running on user’s device is requesting the following Google user data:

  • Data associated with Google account: the end user's email address, profile information and OpenID - to let LaMetric Time authenticate the Google account using OAuth authentication mechanism;
  • Email Metadata and folder structure stored on end user's Google account - to let the app receive the amount of email messages in each folder and the list of folders stored on the Google account and allows it to display the number of messages on the screen of the LaMetric smart device, as well as notify the user when new email messages arrive.

How We Handle Your Data

The data received from a Google account via Gmail API:

  • does not leave the user's devices, is not transferred to others and is readable only by a user;
  • is not stored on a persistent storage of a device and is lost as soon as the device is powered off or access to the data is revoked;
  • is not used to serve advertisements.

How to Revoke Access to Your Data

In order to access Google API Services, the App uses the following URLs:


If a user decides to revoke access to his/her Gmail account for the App he/she may use the Security page of his/her Google Account located at

How to Contact Us With Your Data Subject Access Requests

We value your privacy and your rights as a data subject. If you would like to exercise one of your data-related legal rights, including the right to erasure, please contact us:

  • by regular mail to Smart Atoms Limited, 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP, UK;
  • by email to our data protection officer Oleh Naumko ([email protected]);
  • by contacting our EU representative

Lemberg Solutions GmbH 
c/o Smart Atoms Limited

Company registration number
HRB 178406

Am Sandtorkai 32, 20457
Hamburg, Germany
[email protected]

The reply will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the request. This two-week deadline may be extended by 1 month if necessary due to the complexity of the request and/or the volume of requests.

Policy version 1.2