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What makes LaMetric SKY the most versatile product on the smart lighting market and what differentiates it from other smart lighting products?

LaMetric SKY can be fairly considered the most versatile smart lighting product ever created. The SKY’s versatility lies in the ability to create incredible artistic mosaics, add meaning to your wall with people, animals, or other Tangram mosaics and show essential information. Moreover, sixty-four (64) independent colorful, stained-glass-inspired triangles on every surface make SKY an eye-catching piece of art with rich and dynamic visual effects mixed from 16 million colors. On a separate note, the unique possibility to assemble surfaces touching each other at one point only, massively increases the number of possible mosaic combinations and makes them more elegant and sophisticated. All of these open before the possessor infinite possibilities to be unique, emphasize individuality, set the mood, and stay in the know. LaMetric SKY is lighting, breathtaking visuals, a wall clock of your own shape, and infoscreen at the same time. The white color of the panels makes your shape look light and natural in your home, both when on and off.

What shape do the light surfaces have?

Light surfaces have the shape of a right-angled triangle.

How many mosaics you can assemble from 4, 6, 8 and 16 triangles?

You can check ready-made shapes from LaMetric Mosaics by using a filter with a number of panels.  However, you can create more DIY mosaics assembled your own way.

Can I assemble my own mosaic, not shown in the mosaic catalog?

Yes, you can assemble the mosaics which have the technical ability to be assembled.

How many colors SKY can light up?

LaMetric SKY can light up in 16.4 mln colors.

How many light effects SKY can show?

Out of the box, LaMetric SKY can show 5 light effects(spring, summer, autumn, winter, rainbow) and much more by downloading from LaMetric MARKET

How many independent color zones are in one light surface?

Each light surface consists of 64 colorful triangles, each small triangle could have different color as it lights up independently.

What are the dimensions of the light surface?

The triangle light surface has the following dimensions 20 x 20 x 28 cm(7,87 x 7,87 x 11,02 in). The distance from the wall, when the light surface is attached to it is 2,54 cm(1 in).

What area of a wall I can decorate with the particular SKY set?

You can assemble for example a “fish” mosaic from 4 surfaces, which has the following dimensions: 42 x 56 см(16,54 x 22,05 in); “space ship” from 6 surfaces - 66 x 42 см(25,98 x 16,54 in); “bird” from 8 surfaces - 60 x 60 см(23,62 x 23,62 in); “tangram people” mosaic from 16 surfaces - 98 x 99 см(38,58 x 38,98 in) and big informative screen from 16 surfaces - 112 x 28 см(44,1 x 11,02 in) accordingly. You can also assemble a range of other beautiful mosaics and check their dimensions in moisaic catalog.

How can triangles be assembled?

The triangles can be assembled in the following ways: side to side, corner to corner, half side to half side and corner to side. Using the method of assembling surfaces that touch each other in one point only, you will be able to decorate a much bigger area of the wall with fewer surfaces.

How should I attach the surfaces to the wall?

You can stick the surfaces to the wall using the adhesive strips, which are included in the giftbox. For more secure installation, you can use a screw mount(screws are not included in the giftbox).

What should I do if I’d like to change the mosaic or put it on another wall?

The SKY set includes only one set of adhesive tape, so you can stick the surfaces only once, however, if you’d like to change the mosaic or location of the surfaces, you can buy an additional set of adhesive tapes, for example, on Amazon.

Is it also possible to control the brightness of the light?

Yes, the brightness can be manually configured via the official LaMetric SKY application. Also, if you have LaMetric TIME paired with your SKY, the brightness will be configured automatically, depending on the light conditions in the room where LaMetric TIME is located.

What is the maximum amount of triangles that you can assemble together?

The system supports a maximum of 16 surfaces so you can build any of tangram figures or a big smart clock/display with this amount.

Is it possible to assemble mosaics with more than 16 light surfaces?

At the moment, you can assemble the mosaics only with up to 16 light surfaces, however, you can buy a couple of independent sets with 16 light surfaces and build what you have in mind. Just to give you an idea, you can assemble two or more Tangram people or other meaningful scenes in your room.

How many triangles do I need to build a Tangram mosaic?

You would need 16 triangles in order to build a Tangram mosaic like people or animals.

How many triangles do I need to build an informative screen and show my follower count?

You need 8 surfaces in order to display this information. It will be 8х32 screen, capable to show icon and 5 digits at once, bigger figures - abbreviated.

What apps can I run on a big informative screen?

You can run different apps like clock, social media counters, custom text with 25k pictograms, day name, week number, date or create your own app to show financial or any other data from your own systems. The screen from 8 surfaces has 8х32 resolution, capable to show icon and 5 symbols at once, more digits - abbreviated, more text - with scrolling. You can review compatible apps from LaMetric MARKET.

Do the light surfaces from Starter Kit and Extension Kit work with each other?

Yes, you can easily assemble in one shape light surfaces from different kits, however, you need at least one Starter Kit.

How to set up my LaMetric SKY?

The setup process is pretty simple. Once you decide on a design, mount it on the wall. Clean the surface thoroughly using rubbing alcohol or water and let it dry. Attach every cable splitter on the wall using double-sided tapes(when placing cable splitter on the wall, press and hold for 30 seconds). Connect cable splitters with cables. Cover up cable splitters with light surfaces and then plug the SKY in, so you can enjoy SKY visual effects.

You need to download the official LaMetric SKY app from the App Store or Play Market, connect to Wi-Fi and set it up. Then you can unlock more visual effects or informative apps, configure them, change brightness and control LaMetric SKY with your smartphone, via voice assistants, or with LaMetric TIME.

What possibilities I'll have if I download the official LaMetric SKY mobile app?

Downloading the official iPhone or Android LaMetric SKY app allows you to enjoy a bigger number of light effects, configure the effects, change the brightness and control LaMetric SKY with your smartphone, via voice assistants or with LaMetric TIME.

How can I control the SKY?

You can turn on/off SKY or change the light effects easily using the official LaMetric mobile application, by voice command(via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa), or by pushing a button on LaMetric TIME.

Can I voice-control SKY?

Sure, Sky supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

What is the power consumption for SKY?

Each surface consumes up to 4.5 Watt of energy.

Does LaMetric SKY have API for developers?

Yes, you can build your own apps via LaMetric Developer.

Will LaMetric SKY support more apps?

Sure, we plan to make more apps available for SKY in the future.

Will SKY informative screen have the same possibilities as LaMetric Time?

The screen from 8 surfaces has 8х32 resolution, capable to show icons and 5 symbols at once, more digits - abbreviated, more text - with scrolling, while Time has 8x37 resolution. On the SKY informative screen, you will be able to run the following apps - clock, social media counters, custom text with 25k pictograms, day name, week number, and date, or create your own app to show financial or other data from your own systems. You can review compatible apps from LaMetric MARKET.

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