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LaMetric Time smart clock complements the desk setup and displays page-a-day calendar icon and current time
Digital page-a-day calendar

When days go by so quickly it’s hard to keep track of the current date. With TIME’s feature called page-a-day calendar, don’t search for the date on your computer anymore. Get it just when you need it at a glance on your smart clock. 

LaMetric Time smart clock complements the desk setup and displays a name of your next meeting from Google Calendar
Always on time

Never be late for an important meeting again with TIME. Get notified about your appointments and see how much time is left till the next meeting at a glance. 


Works with Google, iCloud, Outlook, ownCloud, nextCloud and other calendars.

LaMetric Time digital clock complements the desk setup and displays number of days left until the important date
Count days until the important date

With TIME and the Date Ticker app, track how many days left until your vacation, Сhristmas, a concert of your favorite music band or even your wedding. Never miss an important deadline at work. Quit your bad habits by counting the number of days you went without sugar, cigarettes, junk food or any other habit that’s been bugging you lately.

LaMetric Time smart clock complements the desk setup and displays a reminder to "Drink" water
Eye-catching reminders that are difficult to miss

Congratulate a friend on a birthday, drink some water, check your posture and pay bills. This is just a small part of all the things we usually forget to do on time. Set a reminder that is difficult to miss thanks to an eye-catching icon and text that are visible from anywhere in the room.

LaMetric Time smart clock that displays Pomodoro Timer, stands near computer
Take control of your time with Pomodoro

Start a Pomodoro timer with a button on LaMetric TIME and get amazed how much can be done in 25-minutes period. The app helps you stay hyper-focused and shows when it’s time for a rest.

LaMetric Time smart clock that displays current day of the week and week number, stands near computer
Day & week number at a glance

Keeping track of days, weeks and deadlines is difficult when there are so many tasks hanging over your head. Get the day of the week displayed on your clock and see at a glance if there is enough time for you to finish the tasks until the company demo meeting. Monitor the week number to keep up with the shipments of your goods after the manufacturing process.

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