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An incredibly precise, intelligent
and cheerful timepiece

You never once have to set the time yourself.
LaMetric synchronises time automatically via Internet.


LaMetric is standalone device and works
on its own. Smartphone is used for set it up
and configuration.

Innovative display technology
that works for everyone

Specially designed screen makes information readable
for you and surrounding

Smooth for your eyes in day and night time

Ambient light sensor tunes brightness
depending on lighting conditions and
makes screen comfortable for eyes

Big buttons allow to take action
from the first time

Sizable controls are designed
to operate without mistakes

Naturally enriches interior

Form factor designed to fit desk, shelf, bedside,
shop-front or counter

Know your friends time

Show your difference

Make your day with clockfaces

Make It Yours with Apps

Tons of coming possibilities in LaMetric Store

Join creators community and build your own apps

One click to take action

Setup alarm Get forecast Count More tweets More headlines Dance More actions



Rock with dancing

Wake up to your favourite radio in the mornings

Rock with dancing

Bluetooth speaker with light show

Rock with dancing

Connect music system via audio out

Key Features

Easy setup

Connect to your home network with a simple
setup, guided by the free companion
app on iOS and Android

Fast Wi-Fi

LaMetric is always on and connected to Wi-Fi
so it's ready to track what's important to you


Stream your favorite music services like
Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora from your
phone or tablet

Mobile app for setup and configuration




Left/Right buttons for navigation between apps. Middle button for taking related actions.

What's inside

  • White screen with color icon
  • Stereo speakers
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth