Decide what to wear for today's weather


Improve office or home interior with a nice shelf or bed clock

Stylish clock

Get personal indicators and notifications

IFTTT notifications: emails, tweets etc

Engage a passersby to choose your business

Facebook fan counter on the shop-front

Financial indicator for owners, CEOs, freelancers that saves you the signing in and checking

PayPal balance and transactions

Correct marketing decisions with Google Analytics indicators

Active users, goal conversions and more

In-office App Store metrics to motivate the team

App ranking, downloads and profit

In-office Play Market metrics to motivate the team

App ranking, downloads and profit

Show more metrics and notifications from your eCommerce, blogs, and other sources

Easy cloud API

Valuable notifications for software systems or equipment

Secure Intranet API



  • Clock

  • Weather

  • Subject and time till the nearest meeting

  • Get notified about most awaited emails

Website or app

  • Apple Store / Play Market stats: ranking, downloads, profit

  • Google Analytics metrics: visitors, goal conversions and more

  • Track changes in metrics and stats

  • Sparklines for metrics and stats


  • Facebook fan counter

  • PayPal live balance and transactions

  • Brand mentions on Twitter in real time

  • Stock prices, drops and rises


  • Loud display
    for IFTTT recipes

  • Show any data by simply sending it to device's email

  • Track any RSS sources

  • Intranet and cloud API for the most demanding


Stylish form and size designed to fit shop-front, counter, wall and desk.
Designed to brightly output full color icon with millions (7 numbers)
on one screen, full width scrolling text and smooth animations.




3 touch buttons to easy navigate between widgets.

What's inside

  • White screen with color icon
  • Speaker
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet


  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet access
  • 110/220 V


  • Get the gist with the help of widgets

  • Set up widget details

  • Set your rules of widget appearance

  • Visualize your most important data from the web with the help of running text, 500+ icons, animations and sounds

  • Share access to your device with other families, businesses and send them group messages