Connected clock for a Smart Home

The smartest clock ever

Style, function and everything

you could ever want in the world's best clock

Intelligent Smart Home display

Seamlessly control and monitor your smart home devices with the push of a button

Social Media Counter

Watch your hard work pay off as the effort you put into your content translates into increased followers

Viewer & follower counter for gamers

Live track the exact number of Twitch or Mixer viewers watching your stream to evaluate your engagement

Your revenue at a glance

Motivate yourself to work harder and reach new heights by watching your business revenue grow

App Store

Reinvent the clock in your own way

Word on the street

The YouTube Subscriber Counter

Unbox Therapy

Dope Tech: Custom LED Clock!

Marques Brownlee

Hands on: LaMetric Time - more than just a clock

Techcrunch (1)
"Seriously, this thing goes way beyond what I had in mind — for an IoT junkie like me, is just damn cool."
"The LaMetric Time is a well built smart clock with incredible functionality. It’s compact, sleek, super intelligent, and will have no problem fitting in with your existing decor."
Yanko design
"LaMetric can be used for any and every thing because it was designed to be infinitely versatile. What do you want to use the LaMetric for? Oh, you can totally use the La Metric to summon some instant Pizza."

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LaMetric TIME

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